"Well, well, well girls! Look who it is, Annabelle the cannible"
―Verity about Annabelle
Verity Thwaites
St trinian s20


Verity Thwaites




Cheltenham Ladies Collage


Father: Geoffrey Thwaites, Annabelle's aunt Camilla Fritton's love interest

Verity Thwaites goes to Cheltenham Ladies' College (which is actually a real school) and is Annabelle's former school bully when Annabelle attended Cheltenham Ladies'. She intimidates Annabelle in a St Trinian's vs. Cheltenham Ladies' College hockey match (during which the referee is knocked out and is substituted by the drunk Matron who has no idea what the rules are) but is knock out by a well-hit ball courtesy of Kelly Jones and has to be escorted out in an ambulance.

She is knocked out again by a flying Mobile Phone hit by Annabelle when Verity is about to sneak about St Trinian's cheating in School Challenge.