St Trinians 1 Banned or St TriniansEdit

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The Banned or St Trinians was a band who where formed by the St Trinians girls. In the first St Trinians pop girl band Girls Aloud potrayed the girl band and performed the St Trinians theme song at the end of the film. Girls Aloud did not return as the Banned of St Trinians for the second film

St Trinians 2 Banned of St Trinians

The Banned of St Trinians is the band that play for St Trinians school. The 'Banned' members are The Eco Daisy, the Emo Beth, The Rudegirl Jess and Harriet the geek. they always sing for St Trinians. the songs they have been seen singing in the movie are: St Trinians theme song, We got the beat, I Can get what i want and Jump off.