St Trinian's
St Trinians2007
Director Oliver Parker
Barnaby Thompson
Release Date 21 December 2007
Run Time 97 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Series: St Trinian's (2007)
St Trinian's 2 (2009)

St Trinian's is the sixth in a long-running series of films based on the works of cartoonist Ronald Searle. The first five films form a series, starting with The Belles of St Trinian's in 1954, with sequels in 1957, 1960, 1966 and 1980.

The 2007 release, coming 27 years after the last entry and 53 years after the first film, is a rebooting of the franchise, rather than a direct sequel, with certain plot elements borrowed from the first film.

Plot Edit


Annabelle is a girl and she joins St Trinians at the start of the movie. The first girl Annabelle talks to is Head Girl Kelly Jones. Kelly shows Annabelle around the school and shows her the different categories of the girls (chavs, emos, goths, posh totties, geeks etc) when Annabelle sits down on her bed, a bucket of slime is tipped over her. When she goes to take a shower, the St Trinians girls pull a prank on her and take her clothes so that Annabelle has to run around the halls, naked.

That night Annabelle smashes her phone into a statue and it smashes it. Then she is put into the hockey team for such a good aim. In the next hockey match, the St Trinians girls win the violent match. Then a man called Jeffrey Thwaites falls in love with the principal, Camilla Fritton.

Soon after, Flash Harry teaches the girls about stealing, theft etc. He says they need money to afford the school so Kelly says they should steal "Girl with a Pearl Earing" painting and so they go to the art gallery and plan o steal the painting on the night of the finale of School Challenge- a tv show. On the finale night, Kelly, Andrea and Taylor go to steal the painting whilst Annabelle distracts a girl from another school from finding about about St Tinians stealing the painting.

They end up stealing the painting and in the end, it shows the St Trinians girls having a party and singing their theme song.

Cast Edit

  • Lilly Cole as Polly
  • Paloma Faith as Andrea
  • Holly Mackie as Tara
  • Cloe Mackie as Tania
  • Cielia Imire as Matron
  • Fenlla Woolgar as Miss Cleaver
  • Russel Brand as Flash Harry
  • Lena Heady as Miss Dickenson
  • Lucy Punch as Verity Thwaites