"St. Trinians" and "St. Trinians: The Legend of Frittons Gold" are two films about a school based on the comics by English cartoonist Ronald Searle and the original movies made from 1954-1980. St. Trinians Boarding School for Girls is full of crazy girls running wild, multiple groups/cliques such as the Posh Totties and the First Years, and horrific and illegal things, like young girls trapped in formaldehyde and labs making alcohol


Andrea, portrayed by Paloma Faith

===Which Clique are you in?===

St Trinian's is a fictional girls' boarding school, the creation of English cartoonist Ronald Searle,  that later became the subject of a popular series of comedy films.

The first cartoon appeared in 1941, but shortly afterwards Searle had to fulfil his military service where he was captured at Singapore and spent the rest of the war as a prisoner of the Japanese. After the war, in 1946 he started making new cartoons about the girls, but the content was a lot darker in comparison with the previous years.

The school is the antithesis of the posh girls' boarding school; its pupils are wicked and often well armed, and mayhem is rife. The schoolmistresses are also disreputable. Cartoons often showed dead bodies of girls who had been murdered with pitchforks or succumbed to violent team sports, sometimes with vultures circling; girls drank, gambled and smoked. It is reputed that the gymslip style of dress worn by the girls was closely modelled on the uniform of the school that Searle's daughter Kate attended, JAGS in Dulwich. The films implied that the girls were the daughters of  gangsters, crooks, shady bookmakers and other low-lifes and the institution is often referred to as a "female borstal".


  • Hurrah for St Trinian's (1948)
  • The Female Approach (1950)
  • Back to the Slaughterhouse (1952)
  • The Terror of St Trinians or Angela's Prince Charming (1952 - text by Timothy Shy, pen-name for D. B. Wyndham-Lewis)
  • Souls in Torment (1953)


  •  The Belles of St. Trinian's (1954, the first film)
  •  Blue Murder at St. Trinian's (1957, the second film)
  •  The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's (1960, the third film)
  •  The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery (1966, the final film of the quartet)
  •  The Wildcats of St. Trinian's (1980, with Maureen Lipman taking on the Joyce Grenfell role) Remake of series
  •  St. Trinian's(2007) Remake and update of series
  •  St Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold (2009) 
  •  St Trinian's 3 (2014) said to come out on December 22 2014 UK   this project is categorized as in development         

School song

The musical score for the St. Trinian films was written by Malcolm Arnold and included the school song, with words accredited to Sidney Gilliat (1954): [8]

Maidens of St Trinian's, gird your armour on.
Grab the nearest weapon; never mind which one.
The battle's to the strongest; might is always right.
Trample on the weakest; glory in their plight.
St Trinian's! St Trinian's! Our battle cry.
St Trinian's! St Trinian's! Will never die.
Stride towards your fortune boldly on your way,
Never once forgetting there's one born every day.
Let our motto be broadcast: "get your blow in first!"
She who draws the sword last always comes off worst.

In the 2007 film, a new school song was written by Girls Aloud called Defenders of Anarchy:

Make us worthy, make us proud
Teach us not to be too loud
We’ll try to fit in with the crowd
But we are St. Trinian’s
We can’t fake the way we feel
We were born to keep it real
Hockey sticks and balls of steel
We are St. Trinian’s
You bite us, we’ll bite you back
Better be scared when we attack
Feel the fear, we’re maniacs
St. Trinian’s
Check out our battle cry
A song to terrify
No one can stand in our way
Refrain.1:We are the best, so screw the rest
We do as we damn well please
Until the end
St. Trinian’s
Defenders of anarchy
R.2:So scam all the toffs, the neaks and the freaks
Blackmail the goths, the slappers and the geeks
And if they complain, we’ll do it all again
We do as we damn well please
The ASBOs, the chavs, the emos and their mates
To torment the slags, we offer special rates
And if they complain, we’ll do it all again
Defenders of anarchy
Check out our battle cry
A song to terrify
No one can stand in our way
Victorious, rebellious
We do as we damn well please
Until the end
St. Trinian’s
Defenders of anarchy

Football song

The school fight song:

Whack it up, girls! Bung the ball
Thro' Life's goalposts at the call.
Who can stay the Island Blood?
Rub their bustles in the mud!
Gallant hearts and bulldog pans,
Floreat St. Trinian's!