Kelly Jones: the Bond Girl
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Kelly Jones


Head Girl (School is a Riot)

M.I.7 Spy (Legend of Fritton's Gold)


Gemma Arterton

Annabelle: "I'm sorry I didn't get your name."
Kelly: "Kelly Jones. I'm Head Girl."
Annabelle: "Really?" (eyeing Kelly's choice of attire)(gives Annabelle a cold look and walks off) Welcome To St Trinians"
Kelly: "Dialogue Between Kelly and Annabelle"
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Kelly Jones (Portrayed by Gemma Arterton) was the very alluring Head Girl of St Trinian's who is enchanting Flash Harry - a somewhat dubious businessman - although she often uses his affections to her own advantage.

Kelly has gone on to work for M.I.7 and as Annabelle calls her for help in Fritton's Gold she is dangling from the ceiling defusing a bomb. She helps her former schoolmates to break into a high security vault later in the film and also demonstrates her M.I.7 training - fighting two security guards - to which twins Tara and Tania exclaim 'Wow!'

Kelly is the one to suggest stealing the valuable painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring" in the first film to which Chelsea famously exclaims "Gasp! You want to steal Scarlett Johansonn?!" She is also the one to first properly introduce herself to Annabelle, who later become great friends and she pass her status as "head girl" to her.

Kelly is tall and thin, with a black bob and red lipstick. She has a tattoo already and wears her tie untied, draped around her neck. She famously dons a tight black pencil skirt. In the second film Kelly's hair has grown down to her shoulders, and she often wears black bomber jackets and black clothes.

She is very smart, sneaky and is full of authority - blessed with the ability to silence even the St Trinian's first years. Kelly knows her strengths and plays to them, especially when twisting Flash Harry around her little finger. She is shown to be skilled at hockey, shooting the winning goal in the match against Cheltenham Ladies College in the first movie.

She doesn't fall in to any of the St Trinian's categories, but is most friendly with Polly, the Geek. Kelly therefore rules the roost as Head Girl, and is the best Head Girl that St Trinians has had because she runs wild and misbehaves but she's also the only one who can keep the rest of the girls under control.

Quotes Edit

"We're facing the biggest crisis of our lives and you're behaving like bloody children!"
―Kelly to rioting St Trinian's girls

"Let's rock and roll" - Kelly upon stealing 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'                                                                                                                                                      

"Give you a makeover, silly!" -Kelly when her and the girls wake Annabelle up at night