The Emos are one of the many stereotypes in the School. They are often seen in dark clothing,
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Emos are occasionally seen in Dark Clothing or Styles.

sloppily dressed, ect. They tend to sleep in coffins with their hands crossed over their chests. In the second film, they arrive at school in a funeral car.

When called 'Goths', they will object strongly, even though they share many traits with them. They will say that they are " 'Emo'tionally Challenged".

Notable members of the EmosEdit

  • Andrea-The head Emo in the first film. She is scared of heights.
  • Zoe -The head Emo in the second film. Despite being an Emo, she is scared of the dark.
  • Beth- A member of the Emos that also sings in the school band.
  • Annabelle Fritton (Temporarily, during the makeover scene, she is dressed and styled like an Emo).