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Chelsea Parker

Kelly (in reply to Flash):" What about that?" (Pointing to painting "Girl With a Pearl Earring" which is hanging on the wall)
Chelsea: (gasps) "You want to STEAL Scarlett Johannson?!"Edit
Kelly: (dismissively) You are so blonde Chelsea.Edit

-A conversation between Kelly and Chelsea

Chelsea is the head of the Posh Totty tribe. In the first film she has two main followers, Chloe and Peaches, and is considered to be a bit of a stereotypical blonde girl. Towards the end of the film, she is considered to be a brainiac after having a bit of a conversation with the new teacher.

In the second film, Chelsea has two new followers, Bella and Saffy, and she has become more grown up as a character, although she and Bella and Saffy all arrive for a new term at school in identical cream coloured Minis. However she does act a bit stupid at times.

There are times that Chelsea is trying to break away from the stereotype of being a blonde in the second film, as she not only cracks a clue, but also she finds a secret passage way that leads the gang of naughty school girls to the treasure.

Chelsea's dressing room in the first film is a mass of cream fur, pink and black leather (Geoffrey Thwaites is hiding behind the clothes rack and is thrown out of the window into the fountain) and Gabriella Cilmi's "Sanctuary" is heard playing in the background, implying Chelsea likes Gabriella.

When they are checking out the museum to try to steal the painting, Chelsea gets information out of a security guard by making out with him.