Annabelle Fritton
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Annabelle Fritton


New Girl (School is a riot) Head Girl (Legend of Fritton's Gold)


Amielia Fritton (great grandmother) Carnaby Fritton (father) Camilla Fritton (aunt)




Talulah Riley

"Daddy, you can't expect me to stay here. It's like Hogwarts for Pikeys!"
― Annabelle

Annabelle Lealla Fritton is a main character in both St Trinians and St Trinians: The Legend of Fritton's Gold. In St Trinians she is introduced as the new girl and a victim of a schoolgirl prank.

In the first film as a new girl her previous school had been Cheltenham Ladies' College, where she had been bullied by Verity Thwaites, who intimidates Annabelle in a St Trinian's versus Cheltenham Ladies' hockey match.

She is admitted to St Trinians by her Father Carnaby Fritton and her aunt, the school's Headmistress Camilla Fritton.

Also in the first film she is woken in the middle of the night by her classmates and at first thinks she is about to be tortured, as the girls are holding horrible instruments such as scalpels and tweezers, but instead she is given a makeover right through all the different categories of girls at St Trinian's - Geeks, Emos, First Years, Posh Totties and Chavs - before coming out as herself - in a St Trinian's form. When asked by Kelly how she feels, she replies - "Like a St Trinian!" From there, she is much more rebellious and has more confidence in the other girls.

Annabelle has amazing aim and is picked for the hockey team after the gym teacher spots her smashing a china bust  in the hallway at night. Thi is after Annabelle tries to call her father to take her home and, after being denied and her father pretending to lose the connection, is furious and throws her phone on the ground, then hitting it hard with her hockey stick.

She then witnesses a rumbling sound in the hallway and when finding the first person down the stairs is a small girl clutching a teddy bear, Annabelle moves one step forward and is instantly roughed around by a sudden crush of schoolgirls. As it clears, Kelly Jones strikes up a conversation with Annabelle, but Annabelle ruins it by snorting when Kelly says she is Head Girl, due to Kelly's pencil skirt, tight blouse, red lipstick and snake tattoo.

In St Trinians 2, Annabelle becomes Head Girl. She struggles to keep the girls under control, because she is focusing on trying to be Kelly Jones more than acting like she knows the way. She also becomes possessed by her ancestor Fortnum Fritton whilst searching the graveyard for clues. When Fortum gives Camilla a clue to find the Frittons' Gold, he lets Annabelle go. When she wakes up, Camilla realises that she is trying to be Kelly Jones and says to her, "You have to stop trying to be Kelly Jones and start trying to be-" (Annabelle says) "Annabelle Fritton!" (Camilla says) "Oh, good Lord no, look at the state of you!" After that, she has much more confidence in herself and leads the school much better. At one point, she whistles at the girls and uses authority to stop them from blaming each other, surprising Kelly. She leads the girls on the quest for Frittons Gold, through London, the Flash Mob, the Globe Theatre and even stealing a pirate ship.

In the first film, Annabelle doesn't really fall into any catogory, but in the second film, she is a bit of a Posh Totty. She wears lace and dresses and has her hair styled. And if you look in the phone call to Kelly you can see she sleeps in the Posh Totty area.

Potrayed by Talulah Riley